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There are many ways to go about building your own Box Camera. You can find a variety of manuals and many more inspirations online on how to get started. Sean Foley and I created an illustrated manual for our Afghan Box Camera Project. It is available in English, French and Chinese. Printable Version.
We also worked on a film with an Afghan carpenter in Kabul. Step by step he copies a camera.

Sono Aida & Mitsu Maeda's Box Cameras in Afghan style. 

Left Valentine Riccardi's and right Steffen Diemer and Hannah Schemel's Afghan style Box Camera. 

 A construction sketch by Landry Dunand.

On the left Mehdi Nedelc's camera without developing thanks (he uses a separate box) on the right Joshua Carroll's Afghan style Box Camera.

On the left Iris Chauveau's Afghan Style camera and on the right Gianni di Gregori's rather small Box Camera model.

Elaborate sketches from Michi Rodriguez's blogspot.

Left CQ Low's camera and on the right Adrien Tache's camera that has travelled around the world.

Unknown source

Chen Zi Wua created a camera on wheels (left) and Oliver Zenklusen a very style Afghan style camera (right).

Sébastien Bergeron

Sébastien  has been one of the most prolific camera builders in recent years. Many of the photographers you find in the portfolio section use a camera he has built. 

In his atelier he has built more than 150 cameras (left). He also teaches  how to build a camera (right).